Pepper Jack Meatball Sandwich Bowls

Meatballs are seasoned with Italian seasonings, loaded with pepper jack and parmesan cheese, then topped with marinara sauce, melted mozzarella, fresh basil, then french bread slices for a deconstructed meatball sandwich.

On Tuesday I told you guys about my busy weekend and my quest to reorganize and declutter but I didn’t even scratch the surface of how productive we were. My sick fella managed to run some errands with me on Saturday after his dose of DayQuil kicked in, and our first stop out was lunch.

We went to the sandwich shop Capriotti’s. It was close to a number of the places we needed to stop, and I knew I could get something small. Well, I could eat half of the small meal. It was a late lunch, around 2pm, and I had dinner reservations at 5:45 with my mom. While we don’t typically eat that early, we were going to the theatre at 7:30 so our choices were an early dinner or super late dinner. And if I’m being honest with myself 10:45pm was going to be way too late to wait and eat. I’ve never been hangry at the theatre and didn’t intend to start this weekend. My mom and the stranger next to me didn’t need to be a part of that. So an early dinner it was!

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Steak & Veggie Blue Cheese Bowls

Steak and veggie blue cheese bowls are an easy way to get all of your favorite veggies into a meal and they take less than 30 minutes to make

You guys. I’m bringing you a super duper easy meal. Like ‘oh my gosh I ate too much food at Thanksgiving and DO NOT feel like cooking‘ meal. And bonus – it can be made in 30 minutes of less!

I’m curious – did you guys go shopping on Black Friday? I’m personally not a Black Friday shopper. Well, I guess maybe I’ve evolved with the times and I definitely perused the online deals with my sweatpants on and big cup of coffee on Friday morning, but no way was I going to stand in lines at the store. I know some folks love it, and that’s great, but it’s definitely not for me.

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Grilled Hawaiian Bowls

Grilled Hawaiian Bowls with pork loin, pineapple, zucchini, red pepper, brown rice and avocado

Fall may be in the air but there isn’t snow on the ground yet (at least not in most places!), so it’s still the perfect time to make a Hawaiian-inspired bowl to make you feel like you’re lounging on the beach instead of breaking out the cozy sweaters and jackets.

I wanted to combine that pork and pineapple flavor – the savory and sweet – in a refreshing way, and this bowl was the perfect recipe for that.

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