Mashed Blueberry Chicken Salad

Mashed Blueberry Salad

Have you guys noticed that blueberry recipes seem to be all the rage lately, or is it just me? Seriously, a couple weeks ago I received an email for Dark Chocolate Brownies with Blueberry Marshmallow Frosting from a food blog I subscribe to, Climbing Grier Mountain, and suddenly this salty-food craving gal needs those brownies with that blueberry frosting in her life.

What doesn’t need those brownies though is my waistline, so I decided to use get my blueberry fix by incorporating them into a fun salad.

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One Pan BBQ Chicken, Asparagus & Spiralized Sweet Potato Noodle Fries

One Pan BBQ Chicken

Okay, I’m going to be honest – I rarely make one pan meals. And whenever my food-related newsletters come through email, I think to myself – why don’t I make my life easier and  make more one pan meals? Kinda like how I don’t eat enough fruits in my diet, and there’s really no rhyme or reason for it because I like fruit.

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Deconstructed Chicken Cordon Bleu Bowl

There’s something about putting ham and swiss into a sandwich or chicken that makes it taste amazing. It’s really so simple, but when cooked correctly the combination is magical.

My first life changing “ham and cheese” sandwich was when I had my first Croque-Monsieur in France at the age of 17. It was in a simple little cafe, I was struggling to speak my classroom French, and still playing it safe when ordering off the menu.

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Deconstructed Quesadilla Bowls

Quesadilla Bowl

I haven’t met a person in my life that doesn’t have a weakness for Mexican food. Whether it’s the entirety of the cuisine in general or one dish in particular, I feel like Mexican food is just universally loved. One of the most popular dishes that has transcended Mexican restaurant menus and found it’s way onto menu’s of all types of cuisines is quesadillas.

Just like fish tacos, quesadillas are a dish that can be made so many different ways, with so many different ingredients.

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Sweet Chili Chicken, Radish & Zucchini Kabobs

Sweet Chili Kabobs

Happy Friday! You’ve made it through the week and man oh man do I have an easy, healthy and delicious recipe that you must put on your meal plan for this weekend – Sweet Chili Chicken, Radish & Zucchini Kabobs.

These kabobs literally have only 4 ingredients (if you don’t count the salt and pepper to do some light seasoning), and they come in at a mere 241 per kabob!

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Deconstructed Chicken Gyro Bowls

Gyro Bowl

Bowls are one of my top favorite ways to eat food. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if I made a list and they ended up being #1. There’s something that’s just so fun and easy about them, and I kinda prefer eating out of a bowl. I liken it to having a preference for a certain type of pen (skinny ultra fine Sharpie’s here!) or a particular brand of bottled water (Smart Water for this gal!). There’s just something about eating out a bowl that makes the food taste better to me.

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