Caramel Apple Nacho Bowls

Caramel apple nacho bowls with melted chocolate chips, pretzels and peanuts.

I know what you’re thinking. Caramel Apple Nachos? What? You read that right. Not only are they caramel apple nachos, but they’re in a bowl – and everything tastes better in a bowl!

It’s caramel apple season, and this is such a fun dessert for both adults and kiddos, and you could even customize these bowls however you’d like, but stick with me because I have a pretty darn good combination going on here for these dessert nachos.

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Sprinkle S’more Dips

Sprinkle S'mores Dip

If anyone ever tells you you have to have a campfire to have a s’more, they’re a lying liar. You can recreate all of the fun of s’mores from the comfort of your house without ever taking off your sweatpants (which is purrrrrfect for winter because s’mores by campfires are pretty awesome).

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Loaded Apple Cinnamon Cookie Crisps

Apple Crisps

I debated putting the word ‘crisps’ in the title of this recipe. I mean, who wants a crispy cookie? Most people, including myself, are all about that soft, gooey, smooshy cookie that melts in your mouth. But these my friends, aren’t ordinary cookies. You want them crispy; you need them crispy (I 100% said that in my Jack Nicholson ‘A Few Good Men’ voice by the way).

They’re apple slices, yo! A totally different and fun take on your traditional cookie.

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Strawberry & Balsamic Basil Cream Cheese Bites

Strawberry Bites

Strawberries, and other fruit, are something I need to have more of in my diet. When I made my Deconstructed Green Smoothie Bowls I mentioned that I have more of a salty tooth than a sweet tooth, and it’s so true.

Of course I love most sweets (except I’m not a big fan of ice cream – I know I know, don’t judge me!), and the two types of sweets that make me weak the knees are anything that has that chocolate/peanut butter combination, and anything with cream cheese.

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