Creative Life Travels: Fort Collins + Rocky Mountain National Park – Part 2

rocky mountains

If you read part 1 of my travels to Fort Collins then you know that we took a crazy overnight road trip, drank some amazing Colorado craft beer, and ate some wonderful food. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out here.

When we last left off of we had turned in on Saturday night after a full day of eating and drinking to get a good night’s sleep before heading to Estes Park to hike at Rocky Mountain National Park.

We had originally planned to hike in the area around Fort Collins, but after chatting with my family that lives in Fort Collins, we decided to take the 40 mile drive to the Rocky Mountains.

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Creative Life Travels: Fort Collins + Rocky Mountain National Park – Part 1

Snooze breakfast

Another vacation and new place in the world was checked off of my travel list over Labor Day weekend – Fort Collins, Colorado (known as Foco to the locals) and Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes Park.

We made the decision to travel over Labor Day weekend a month or so beforehand. It was an off-the-cuff trip that started with me saying “we should visit Colorado over the holiday weekend so we don’t have to use an extra day of vacation.” We’re pretty diligent about how we spend that paid time off; being travelers (and not having kiddos) every hour is precious and doesn’t go to waste. My philosophy is that the world is big and filled with beautiful places and this life is short, so I’ll just never be that person that holds onto my vacation time. Maybe if life circumstances change, but not now.

That one little comment planted the seed and within 2 days we’d decided to take a road trip and have an adventure!

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Creative Life Travels: Cocoa Beach, Florida & The Bahamas – Part 1

Cococay, Bahamas

Ahoy friends! Welcome to my very first travel focused post; and rest assured we’ll definitely be talking food in here too. So here’s the scoop – I’ve been working on this series of recipe books (here is the info on the first one!) and with working a full time job (I gots to pay the bills, yo!) that had to be the priority. That has left me posting less on here than I would like to. BUT, as that project is coming towards an end I am gearing up to get back here on the regular, and I couldn’t be more excited.

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