How to: Cook Bacon in the Oven

Cooked Bacon

We’re officially at the 4 week mark of How To Tuesday’s, and this week we’re talking about how to cook bacon in the oven.

Gone are the days that you have to hover over a hot stove with grease popping out, scorching your arms. Cooking bacon in the oven is virtually a hands-free cooking technique that you can use while you prep and cook the rest of your meal!

If I’m being totally honest, I shied away from cooking bacon in the oven for a long time. I think I was always afraid that the bacon wouldn’t cook to the exact crispiness that I wanted it or I would burn it, and no one wants their bacon burnt beyond eating.

How to Cook Bacon in the Oven

Eventually I gave in to juggling multiple pans at once; I mean, bacon requires almost constant attention when cooking it on the stove top!

I took my time, setting the timer on my oven for about 5 minutes less than the required time so I could check it. I definitely recommend you do the same since oven cooking times can vary slightly.

How to Cook Bacon in the Oven

The other pro-tip I have for you so you don’t make the same mistakes I did is that if you have to do a second batch in the oven – and I usually do since I can’t fit all of the bacon onto one baking sheet – make sure to back 5-8 minutes off of your cook time for the second batch of bacon. Your oven is going to be really hot; more hot than when it first preheated. Trust me, if you don’t back off the cook time you’re going to have charred, burnt bacon. And what did we discuss earlier? No one wants to eat their bacon burnt beyond eating. 🙂

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How do you prefer to cook your bacon?


How to Cook Bacon in the Oven

How to: Cook Bacon in the Oven

5 minPrep Time

25 minCook Time

30 minTotal Time

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  • 1 pound of bacon


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Move the rack to the top of the oven.
  3. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and lie each slice of bacon on the foil, being sure NOT to overlap the bacon.
  4. Bake on the top rack for 25 minutes, or until desired crispiness.
Recipe Type: Cooking Techniques


If you have to use two baking sheets, be mindful that when you put the second baking sheet in to bake the oven will be hotter than it was for the first sheet of bacon. Reduce the cooking time by 5-8 minutes so the bacon doesn't burn on the second baking sheet.



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