How to Spiralize Zucchini

how to spiralize zucchini

This how-to Tuesday was a bit of a no brainer. Not only do I spiralize a lot and have a whole category dedicated to the recipes, but if you haven’t heard I am a new Brand Ambassador for the Inspiralizer!

Spiralizing is easy and fun, and you can create so many healthy recipes! In addition, the number of different fruits and vegetables you can spiralize is endless. From zucchini to sweet potatoes, to apples, cucumbers, onions and butternut squash (just to name a few), there are so many options!

how to spiralize zucchini

I personally use the Inspiralizer and was using it long before I became a Brand Ambassador. Heck, my personal use and belief in the product is entire reason I applied to be a Brand Ambassador. You’ll never find me recommending something I haven’t personally used or read, for the record.

While I touch on this more in depth in my post about becoming a Brand Ambassador, it’s worth noting again that if you really want to start spiralizing (and you should!) then you should use the Inspiralizer for a number of reasons:

  • More blades = more types of noodles
  • One, easy-to-clean piece
  • Easy storage
  • Secure

And it’s so easy! Zucchini is the easiest place to start and the Inspiralizer has 4 blades that you can choose from to create different types of noodles.

how to spiralize zucchini

I’m not going to recreate the wheel when the great food blog Inspiralized, which is dedicating to spiralizing, already has wonderful resources you can use.

Here is a link to Inspiralized information on getting started spiralizing which includes video tutorials on how to spiralizing different types of vegetables.

As a final note, since I am now a Brand Ambassador I have this custom link that you can purchase the Inspiralizer with! My link will take you right to the Inspiralized Shop where you can purchase the Inspiralizer – it’s that easy, and you’ll be able to start turning vegetables and fruits into noodles, and have some really fun and healthy recipes to make!

If you’ve missed and of the previous cooking tips and techniques you can visit an archive of them here, or go directly to them:

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how to spiralize zucchini


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