Ham and Goat Cheese Scramble Bowls

Eggs are whipped with almond milk, seasoned, then ham, asparagus, roasted red peppers and goat cheese are added for a light and fluffy, low carb, 30 minute meal.

It’s Monday, yo! Which is a little less obnoxious than saying ‘Happy Monday!’, because I get that not everybody is a morning person. But believe me. If you had these Ham and Goat Cheese Scramble Bowls waiting for you in your fridge than your Monday morning may seem a little happier.

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Spinach, Tomato & Egg White Scramble Bowls

Egg Whites are scrambled into a veggie-loaded bowl meal with tomatoes, spinach, red bell peppers, mushrooms, shallots and fresh garlic for a healthy, vegetarian meal

Holy crap, tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I told you guys about my Thanksgiving tradition but I do have to confess my tree is already up. I KNOW! I’m officially that person that put their tree up before Thanksgiving. But you know, I just sort of figured that if the Cubs could win the World Series, Donald Trump could become President and I could go to a pizza place and only order a salad (yep, for real, that happened last week!), well, to hell with it. I could put up my Christmas tree and it just wouldn’t be the strangest thing that’s happened over the last month.

In my defense, I put it up last weekend, so technically there was less than a week until Turkey Day. The truth is that I bought the most adorable new ivory faux fur holiday tree skirt and I couldn’t wait to use it. Further signs I’m firmly approaching 34 in just over a month – new holiday tree skirts are my jam.

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Steak, Egg & White Gravy Breakfast Bowls

Steak and egg breakfast bowls with hash browns, tomatoes, broccoli, and gravy.

Happy Friday, friends! I’m back from a wonderful vacation in Asheville, NC and excited to be back into the swing of things (well almost, the laundry isn’t doing itself I suppose) and I’m hitting the ground running with my new focus on bowl meals! If you didn’t see my post last week, I have focused the direction of Creative Life Explored exclusively on bowl meals. That means all types of meals and all kinds of new recipes – because everything tastes better in a bowl!

I have lots of fun, healthy, and themed stuff in store for you going forward; you don’t have to be restricted to what you make JUST because it’s a bowl meal!

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Creative Life Travels: Fort Collins + Rocky Mountain National Park – Part 1

Snooze breakfast

Another vacation and new place in the world was checked off of my travel list over Labor Day weekend – Fort Collins, Colorado (known as Foco to the locals) and Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes Park.

We made the decision to travel over Labor Day weekend a month or so beforehand. It was an off-the-cuff trip that started with me saying “we should visit Colorado over the holiday weekend so we don’t have to use an extra day of vacation.” We’re pretty diligent about how we spend that paid time off; being travelers (and not having kiddos) every hour is precious and doesn’t go to waste. My philosophy is that the world is big and filled with beautiful places and this life is short, so I’ll just never be that person that holds onto my vacation time. Maybe if life circumstances change, but not now.

That one little comment planted the seed and within 2 days we’d decided to take a road trip and have an adventure!

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Breakfast Enchiladas

It’s official. I’m obsessed with breakfast. I don’t get the chance to make it during the week, so you can sure bet that when the weekend comes, I am cooking up a breakfast feast one day during the weekend.

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