Italian BBQ Chicken and Squash Bowls

BBQ sauce and Italian dressing make a tangy sauce that is baked into chicken breasts, then placed into a bowl meal with a squash medley of zucchini, yellow squash and butternut squash.

So I’m pretty excited to say that I reached the 10 pound weightloss mark! Now, I have a long ways to go in this journey. Right now my focus is on losing weight, then I’ll switch my focus to getting stronger, but I have to say it was great to step on the scale and see double digits!

But, it hasn’t been that easy…

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Chicken and Butternut Squash Bowls with Garlic Mushroom Sauce

Roasted butternut squash and chicken bowl meals with garlic mushrooms in a white wine sauce

Happy 2017! I’m FINALLY back with a new recipe and I shared my 2017 goals with you last Friday, but I didn’t really explain my mysterious disappearance over the last few weeks of the year (unless you followed my IG!). Okay okay, so “mysterious” is probably a bit of an embellishment. It’s making me sound way cooler than I am; as if I went on some exotic vacation or adventure, when I didn’t.

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Roasted Pork Loin & Blue Cheese Balsamic Glazed Vegetables

Cozy meals are the best, like this roasted pork loin, for example. They make you want to snuggle in on a cold night and read a book or do some good Netflix binging.

The thing about cozy meals though, is that it’s really easy to load up the calories, and quick. Sometimes that’s okay. Sometimes you just need a pan of homemade lasagna and you don’t care about the calories, the carbs, the fat or the sugar’s. I think life is too short to not indulge once and a while, but for me, I have to watch the indulging. It goes straight to my waistline.

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Garlic Herb-Roasted Butternut Squash & Red Potatoes

Tuesday! We’re making it through the week, folks, and I am still on my “fall foods” kick. My better half and I keep going back and forth with being sick. I started with a sore throat a week ago and that moved into a cold/cough. I thought I’d kicked it but it came back around this weekend. And just as I was getting better yesterday, he caught everything I had and is now miserable. BUT despite it all, we both have kept our appetite’s. To be honest, if I don’t have an appetite then you know that I am really down for the count. A little cold and congestion generally won’t stop me from eating.

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