Tex-Mex Sweet Potato Noodle Stir-Fry Bowls

Tex-Mex Stir Fry Bowls with sweet potato noodles have seasoned steak, peppers, mexi corn, black beans, and fresh garlic.

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend and are feeling good about this week! Can you believe that Thanksgiving is this Thursday?! I feel like it should be next week, but nope; it’s upon us already!

We spent the weekend being for the most part, low key, which I was a-okay with. Between goodbye parties, dinners and get togethers I am socially and emotionally exhausted. I’ve consumed lots of wine, laughter and tears as I have geared up to say goodbye to my best friend who left for Portland on Friday, and a close girlfriend who is starting the next chapter of her life in Denver this week. Last week wasn’t nearly as “normal” as I had hoped, and while the holiday’s call for anything but normal this week, I feel myself sliding into a good routine. Back to normal, as they say!

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Bacon, Kale & Goat Cheese Pasta Bowls

Bacon, kale, and goat cheese pasta bowls with burst cherry tomatoes

Happy Halloween! If you’re doing the trick-or-treating thang with your kiddos or dressing up for an awesome costume party tonight, I hope you stay safe and have a great time!

I will be doing neither. Halloween isn’t really my thing; I’m not big on dressing up in costume myself, and it’s a Monday which means I have a full day of non-food bloggin’ work ahead of me tomorrow. Bills man, they demand to paid.

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Spicy Sweet Potato Noodle, Goat Cheese & Chicken Bowl

Spicy Sweet Potato, Goat Cheese & Chicken Bowls with Shredded Brussel Sprouts

Looking for the perfect fall dish? I have  you covered with this Spicy Sweet Potato, Goat Cheese and Chicken Bowl! Sweet potatoes are fall staple and bonus – they’re so healthy for you and can be eaten so many different ways!

If you didn’t see my post last week Creative Life Explored has made the transition from an anything/everything food blog to focusing on bowl meals exclusively! You can read all the reasons behind this switch here, but what I love about making bowl meals is how fun, easy, and versatile they are! You can create any theme or throw things together from your fridge, plus, everything tastes better in a bowl!

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One Pan BBQ Chicken, Asparagus & Spiralized Sweet Potato Noodle Fries

One Pan BBQ Chicken

Okay, I’m going to be honest – I rarely make one pan meals. And whenever my food-related newsletters come through email, I think to myself – why don’t I make my life easier and  make more one pan meals? Kinda like how I don’t eat enough fruits in my diet, and there’s really no rhyme or reason for it because I like fruit.

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